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Cold-Process Soap Making


If you are the adventurous type and are ready for challenge, or simply want to have more control over the ingredients in your soap, then cold processed soap making is for you.

Note: Cold process soap making requires the use of sodium hydroxide, commonly referred to as lye. For safety tips on handling lye, read here.

Cold process (CP) soap making allows for the soap maker to customize at all levels. You can select your oils to fit your budget and skin type, add color and use custom molds to give it a one-of-a-kind look. Whip up a mix of essentials that reflects the season or just the mood you are in. Add a pinch of chemistry, the right measurements, and a few weeks later, you won’t be able to keep your soap in stock!

A few weeks?? Yes, like a good wine, CP soap has a curing period, which is essential for the chemical reaction to be complete, which completely transforms the lye used so that it is no longer a potential hazard to the skin or environment . Read more on CP soap making here.

Read more on CP soap making and “saponification” here.



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