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Catnip Essential Oil

Catnip essential oil

Quality: High

Botanical Name: Nepeta cataria

Origin: Canada

Part(s): Flowering tops

Extraction: Distillation

Note(s): Reminiscent of freshly cut herbs, green

Candles: candle safe

Keep tightly sealed in a cold, dark place.

Catnip Essential Oil has a number of wide-ranging applications and uses, including aromatherapy, and do-it-yourself cosmetics. Its rich aroma makes it an excellent natural fragrance to add to soaps, lotions, salves, as well as homemade cleaning products.

Coop Coco is a Canadian retail and wholesale supplier of Catnip Essential Oil, a high quality essential oil that is steam distilled from the flowering tops of the catnip herb. Our bulk Catnip Essential Oil is sourced from Canada, and has a herbaceous, mildly floral aroma.

All essential oils should be used only after being diluted in a carrier oil. Do not take internally unless under the direct supervision of a qualified practitioner. Always perform a small patch test (with the diluted essential oil) before using on skin, to check for compatibility. We strongly advise caution when using essential oils around children and pregnant women.

***Quantities are limited to 4 per format. For more quantity, please choose a larger format.