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Powder Spray Bottle, Fine mist, Silver pump

Fine Mist Powder Spray Bottle

Bottle: PET
Pump: PP, Aluminum, AS, POM, LDPE, Silicone, PE, SS
Overcap: PP

Size: 30ml

Not sure how to store and use your favourite dry shampoo, shine powder, deodorant powder or glitter? This powder spray bottle is the solution! 

Very elegant with its silver cap and its elongated shape, it slips easily into all bags and make-up bags and allows you to apply your powders without putting them everywhere. Functional and ergonomic, it sprays powders evenly and easily. 

To use it well, we recommend that you shake the bottle well before use, then repeat every 4/5 sprays. This ensures that the ingredients are distributed evenly and are sprayed more evenly. .