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Soy Wax, Golden Wax 415


Wax Use: container candles & cosmetics

Melt point: 48 - 52°C

Melt wax: 85°C

Pouring temp: 32 - 38°C

This all purpose soy wax with no additives can be used for candles as well as creams and balms and butters and other cosmetics. Blends well with all waxes.

Allow to cool for 48 hours at room temperature.

Keep tightly sealed at room temperature.

Available in bulk size in the wholesale section





when will be available need some please let me know

Hi Blair,

the sox wax will be back in stock and available for purchase next week.

Est-ce que ça reviens bientôt? Y’as t’il un waiting list ou je pourrais m’inscrire?


la cire de soya sera en stock et disponible pour acheter la semaine prochaine.

Is this EcoSoya CB Advanced soy wax?

we unfortunately no longer have the Ecosoya products. This is a different product.

have a good day