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About us

The brand Coop Coco™ was founded in 2010, in Montreal, Canada. We carry a diverse line of certified organic natural ingredients, to supply your DIY beauty, health & home needs across Canada.

We favour ingredients that are renewable, ethically produced and green to the environment.

Our commitment to the planet

At Coco & Calendula Inc., we are deeply committed to respecting the planet and its resources. We want our activities to have the least possible impact on the environment and act on that commitment every day in all possible ways. Here are a few examples:

Use eco-friendly paper

First of all, we use FSC-certified materials for our labels, delivery slips, and other printed materials. This means that they come from forests managed sustainably and responsibly where water quality is protected.

Limit the environmental impact of our shipments

The packaging we use to ship products is also chosen with the environment in mind. Rather than throw out the boxes that we receive daily from our suppliers, we reuse them! Since we also need to protect the products we ship to customers, some of the packaging we receive from suppliers is also used as filler.

Use recyclable containers

All our plastic containers are recyclable and reusable for cosmetic purposes. For logistical reasons, we’re not yet able to accept container returns from customers.

Recycle in-house

Finally, we also put our principles into practice in-house, with recycling bins placed throughout our offices; these are scrupulously used by all our employees. Of course these are on-going efforts. We’re constantly looking for new ways to reduce our impact on the environment and leave a better world for future generations. Our commitment never ends!

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