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  • on all purchases of 125$ CAN and more, before taxes*
  • on orders up to 10 kilos


$  8.79 Quebec and Ontario
$  10.89 Maritimes
$11.99 Western provinces

*Up to 10kg. Add $10 for each additional 10kg.


The "Maritimes" include New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland /Labrador.
"Western provinces" includes British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
The Territories are excluded from all flat rate and free shipping.
Tax not included.

We ship with Canada Post. Shipping delays.


I made an error I need shipping it says to pick up please change it for me order #144382

Hello please contact

I noticed that I have to pick up my order, I didn’t noticed that when I was paying, but I live in British Columbia. I won’t be able to pick it up in Montreal. Will I still get my order?
Thank you

Hi, I just checked your order it says ready for packing, somehow in your order you chose the option to pick-up in store. Our team will contact you for the shipping fees and your package will be on its way to you in Beautiful British Columbia.

Hi. How do I get the flat rate shipping, it doesn’t come up as an option? I am in Ontario


the flat shipping rate ($8.79) depends on the weight of your order. If the order is more than 10kg the flat rate does not apply. Make sure you click on the button that calculates the shopping rate before choosing. If you have done that and your order qualifies and you are not getting the option, please contact

I made an error.It says pick up but I live in Kingston Ontario so i can't pick my products up. I need them to be shipped to me to the address on file. Order #149173


i contacted the order department and they switched your order for delivery and you qualify for free shipping if I am not mistaken. If you have any questions please email

Do you ship to USA?

Hi, we do not ship to America for the time being, we only ship to Canada.