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Olive squalane


INCI: Olive Squalane

Solubility: oil Function: Protective cosmetic active and emollient

Usage: Up to 15% in a cream and 75% in an oil

This oily active ingredient is extracted from olive oil and is obtained through a distillation process. It can be used in skincare or massage oil recipes, but also in creams, milk hair serums. Often considered one of the best natural emollients, as it is quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving no greasy residue. The skin is left soft and silky to the touch.

It is ideal for dry, dehydrated or weakened skin due to external elements such as the cold or wind. It can also be used in creams and products for mature skin. It works wonders on the hair, smoothing and sheathing the hair fiber to keep it hydrated.

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