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Coco glucoside

coco glucoside

INCI : Coco Glucoside

Indication(s): Shampoo, conditionner, body wash etc.

Usage: 2 - 30%

Solubility: water

pH: 11-12

Works in synergy with Coco Betaine

Coco glucoside is a mild, biodegradable, non-ionic surfactant that has great foaming qualities. Excellent for all skin types, even babies skin! 

Rapidely and readily biodegradable

Gentle in its  recommended dilution. An irritant in its pure state

Important : pH of 11, very alkaline so caustic, never use undiluted and handle with gloves and safety glasses. It is essential to combine it with more acidic ingredients (eg citric acid, cream of tartar) to balance the pH of the final product. Keep out of reach of children and animals.

Keep tightly sealed in a dry, cool place

***Quantities are limited to 4 per format. For more quantity, please choose a larger format.

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Can someone please tell me what the active matter is of this product.


I'm not sure to understand your question, but the active matter here is coco glucoside.
Have a good day.

Reading the SDS I am going to assume its 50-55% of coco glucoside as it states that it contains 45-49% water.

You have the answer, the part that is not water is de "active product".

Have a good day.

Each surfactant has a dilution percentage. So how diluted is the product?

You have the answer in your first comment.

In the SDS you have the composition with de percentage of each.
Have a good day.