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Arrowroot starch


INCI : Maranta arundinacea

Other name : Arrowroot flour

Provenance : Thailand

Colour : white

Solubility :  water

Usage : 5 - 50 %



Ingrédient alimentaire

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What is arrowroot starch?

Arrowroot starch is a light starch with a very smooth, pleasant texture. It’s known for its excellent absorbency. It can also be used as a thickening agent when it’s heated in an aqueous phase. Also called arrowroot powder or arrowroot flour, it adds a soft, silky feel to your creations.

How do I use it?

Thanks to its wonderful absorbency, arrowroot starch is particularly good for combination and oily skin… and so much more! It’s a useful ingredient in many recipes, such as…

  • Creams and lotions (as a thickening agent)
  • Body balms and butters (to reduce greasiness and give your skin a silky feel)
  • Bath bombs (for milky water that’s gentle on skin)
  • Deodorant powders
  • Dry shampoos
  • Face powders (for a mattifying effect)
  • Eyeshadows
  • Blush


As you can see, it’s a highly versatile ingredient that’s good to have on hand! Note that our arrowroot starch is food-grade, so you can also use it in cooking and gluten-free recipes.