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Marshmallow, Organic


INCI: Althea officinalis L.

Part(s): roots

Usage: dry shampoo, solid shampoo, poultice,decoction etc.

What is marshmallow root powder?

Marshmallows aren’t just a delicious treat, they’re also an excellent cosmetic ingredient!

Marshmallow root powder is rich in mucilage, meaning that it will form a gel-like paste when added to an aqueous phase. It’s perfect for making masks… and so much more! It hydrates, sheathes, and softens your hair, leaving it shiny. It’s also a strong detangler and helps comfort irritated scalps. Yes, it really does all that! It’s also particularly suitable for dry and curly hair.

Marshmallow root powder can also be used on your skin. It protects and hydrates the epidermis, as well as comforting and softening it. So it’s perfect for people with sensitive, irritated, or dry skin.

How do I use it? 

Marshmallow root powder can be used in many cosmetic recipes. It can be incorporated into quick hair or skin treatments, as well as many other creations: 

- shampoo (liquid or solid)

- conditioner

- face creams

- comforting skincare products (i.e. post-sun exposure products or post-hair-removal care)

- cold process soaps

- detanglers

All you have to do is mix marshmallow root powder with a bit of water or hydrosol to form a paste and apply. Of course, you can add other actives if you wish. This ingredient is very easy to use and suitable for all levels of DIY experience. So, keep it in mind if you’re just starting out on your journey into the great homemade!

Also note that our marshmallow root powder is food-grade, so it can be incorporated into your cooking as well!

Ingrédient alimentaire Canada OrganicPro-Cert



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