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Coop Coco is becoming COCOÉCO

After many months of thought and work, we are proud, delighted, and yes, a little stressed, to announce that Coop Coco will now be known as COCOÉCO. This change is the result of long discussions within our team. Although we’re very sentimentally attached to the name Coop Coco, we felt we needed to rename ourselves to better reflect the great company that we are today. And so, COCOÉCO was born.

For us, COCOÉCO evokes nature, which is at the heart of our values, as well as the beautiful projects we all love and that we at COCOÉCO endeavour to make as accessible to you as possible.

Our new name comes with a new logo, thanks to Kevin, who did a great job distilling the essence of our company into an image. We love it! As you can see, we kept our crown, just updated it a bit. We’re already very fond of our new logo’s clean, modern, minimalist look.

Our name change is effective as of today. It’s already up on our website, which is now, as well as our blog, now The labels on our products will also be changing over the next few weeks. It will take a bit of time because we’ll be using up our remaining “Coop Coco” labels first so that they don’t go to waste. 

All customer accounts and Club Coco cards remain valid and are not changing in any way. Gift certificates bearing the name “Coop Coco” remain valid as well, of course, right up until they’re used. 

We are truly delighted to finally introduce you to COCOÉCO. We’ve been working on this project for months—the pandemic has delayed us a bit, as you might expect! But we’re very pleased with the result. We’d like to thank you all once again for your presence, for your loyalty, and for inviting us to join you as you create beautiful projects.

Have a great day!