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Vitamin C


INCI: Ascorbic acid

Indication(s): creams and lotions

pH:  2.1  2.6 (5%)

Usage:  0.1% - 2 %

Solubility: water

Ingrédient alimentaire

What is vitamin C??

Everyone is familiar with vitamin C: It’s part of our daily lives and can even be our special ally at times. But did you know that you can use vitamin C not only in your diet, but also in your homemade cosmetics?!
Indeed, your skin also needs vitamin C. But many people have vitamin C-deficient skin due to a fast-paced lifestyle, pollution, sun exposure and a diet short on vitamins. In short, it’s best to provide your skin with vitamin C in as many ways as possible. So why not use it in products you apply directly to your skin?
Vitamin C is a very useful active in cosmetics. An excellent antioxidant, it’s perfect for products for mature skin or if you’re looking to add radiance to your complexion. This “healthy glow” ingredient is also reported to help prevent cellular damage and stimulate collagen synthesis.

How do I use vitamin C?

Vitamin C can be used in many face care recipes. As you’ve already seen, it’s perfect for mature skincare products and for adding radiance to your complexion. Through our research, we’ve also learned that it’s a component in many age-spot removers. Its many wonderful properties also make it perfect for pre- and post-sun exposure products. Here is a non-exhaustive list of possible recipes:

  • BB cream
  • CC cream
  • Healthy-glow face creams
  • Eye contour products
  • Creams for mature skin
  • Creams for tired skin
  • Hand creams
  • Pre- and post-sun exposure products
  • AHA creams

Vitamin C truly offers something for everyone!

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Hi, Is this L-Ascorbic acid, the type of vitamin C that comes from natural sources, penetrates the skin tissue and is more active in collagen production? Thanks!

Hello Alex,
Yes it is L-Ascorbic acid.
Have a good day.


Your vitamin C. Is it in a powder form? The picture looks like it is in a liquid format, if so, does it oxidize?

Hi, it is in powder forrn, it is hard to tell from the photo yes.