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Type: oil in water, cold emulsifier

INCIPrunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil & Glycerin & Aqua & Sucrose Laurate

Solubility: oil

Usage rate: 3 - 25%

This is a self-emulsifier that allows for complete emulsion without heat or the addition of another emulsifier.

Keep tightly sealed in a dry, cool place.



Hello can you please tell me when this is available again thank you

Hello, it is back in stock.

Is this Sucragel AOF?

Yes our Sucragel is AOF

Can you please tell me if a stabiliser such as Sucrablend® be required?


Sucrablend® is not require to use sugar-gel. You can find our blog post on the use of sugar-gel.
If you want to make an oily gel, the sugar-gel is enough on its own. If you want to make an emulsion you will need to use an aqueous co-emulsifier to stabilize the emulsion. For example, you can use a gum (except for gum arabic / acacia gum) to stabilize the sugar-gel emulsion.